This device produced by Sümer ensures storage and freezing of breast milk without losing its nutritional value particularly in hospitals, neonatal intensive care units and gynecology and obstetrics units.


Mother milk refrigerators

Operation in 0°C / 10°C range, and fixing at + 4°C MOTHER MILK FREEZERS: Operation in -25°C / 0°C range, and fixing at -20°C


Mother milk refrigerator and freezers (combined system)

Operation in the range of 0°C / 10°C and fixing at + 4°C in the storage section, and operation in the range of -25°C / 0°C and fixing at, -20°C in the freezing section




The device ensures the safe heating of the breast milk and baby food taken out from the freezer or deep freezer or kept at room temperature or keeping them at the set temperature.


Minimum energy consumption by cutting in and out with very short intervals during the operation Featuring operation with dry system Featuring continuous operation for 24 hours at the set ideal feeding temperature Featuring keeping the temperature fixed when the set temperature is reached Heating chamber made from aluminium Removable Baby Bottle divisions



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